"Kimono" is a symbol of Japanese culture.

Kimonos that continue to evolve with the times reflect not only changes in dyeing techniques and patterns,
but also the background of the times and people's lifestyles.

Kimonoscape is a word coined by adding the word -scape to kimono.

We create kimono frames one by one with all our hearts,
so that you can enjoy to your heart's content the scenery of the kimono,
including the texture, technique, and fine expressions that cannot be seen from a distance,
along with the beautifully finished patterns.

Kimono Consultant
(senior instructor)
Rie Abe


Bring the beauty of tradition into your daily life.
Kimonoscape proposes a new way to enjoy kimonos.



daily use

Your own special interior
can be the star of the room
or spice it up.

In kimonos and obis, craftsmanship beautifully expresses the beauty of the Japanese landscape and the spirit of cherishing milestones.
Why not cut out this beauty, frame it, and incorporate it into your daily life?


Japanese style

Accentuate the Japanese spirit in your interior design
Creating a clean and elegant space

Kimonos express a wide variety of beauty through a myriad of color and pattern combinations
using techniques such as weaving, dyeing, embroidery, and gold and silver leafing.
Why not add your favorite beauty to harmonize or accentuate your space?





Memories always by your side.
Treasure chest of memories

Kimonos are not only used as clothing, but are also treasures filled with many memories.
Why don't you display kimonos with special memories, such as a celebration kimono for Shichi-Go-San,
the precious kimono you wore at your wedding, or the kimono you tailored yourself for the first time?


Kimonoscape products for your home or office.
Here are some examples of typical uses.

Home use

Kimono frames can be hung in the entryway, hallway, living room, guest room, alcove, or any other space of your choice to create a lively and gorgeous space.
By changing the frames according to the season, you can easily enjoy the seasons.
It is also an ideal gift for housewarming or milestone celebrations.



Kimonos worn on special occasions such as Shichi-Go-San, coming-of-age ceremonies, and weddings are filled with many memories.
Why don't you enjoy your precious kimonos in your room instead of keeping them in the wardrobe?
At Kimonoscape, we use a special technique to frame your precious kimonos without damaging them, so you can enjoy them every day without destroying your memories.

Kimonos are rarely worn nowadays. At Kimonoscape, we cherish the beauty of the old and create new ways to enjoy kimonos in our daily lives.
Kimonoscape continues to evolve in order to pass on the wonderful traditions of Japan to the next generation.


Corporate use

By displaying kimono frames in a Japanese-inspired space, you can create a more luxurious and dignified atmosphere.
You can accentuate the space by displaying a single kimono frame, or create a gallery-like space by displaying multiple kimono frames.
We can also propose space coordination to showcase the concept of your store or company by displaying multiple pieces of artwork.





It can be displayed in a Japanese-style space, such as a sushi restaurant, soba noodle restaurant, or Japanese restaurant, to create a more glamorous and relaxing atmosphere.
Also, by using it in a Western-style interior, the Japanese style will work effectively as an accent in the space.